Prohibition Style Shaves Review of A & E Asian Plum

To say I was blown away by the scent of this soap is an understatement. I love soaps with fantastic scents performance is a close second. Peter created this scent because a friend of his requested a plum based soap similar to Calani. The scent is one in a million, I have never had a scent quit like this and now as I write this hours after the shave is over the scent still lingers pleasantly in the air. I would describe it at plum vanilla and cologne kinda like if my dad decided to take up baking and make a plum base upside down cake...yeah...that's it...I am not sure that this makes the scent very appealing to you but I promise its good stuff!!

The base of this soap is killer it is not quite vegan due to its use of lanolin and goats milk, BUT, aside from those the rest of the base from stearic heavy natural butters like Mango, Kokum, Shea, and Cocoa. These butter create a rich creamy lather and the slickness is absolutely amazing. Grab some of this amazing soap for yourself here!


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