Elvado - Mayan Vanilla Almond Shaving Cream, 4oz

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Our Organic Classic Shaving Creams remind you of the visiting your corner Barbershop for the smoothest shave ever.

♦ Actively nourishes the skin
♦ Soothes, hydrates and Heals
♦ Close, comfortable smooth shave
♦ Shea Butter & Avocado formula provides a superior post-shave feel

Mayan Vanilla Almond: A smooth blend with the smoky scent of Vanilla Bean, Almond and Sweet Cherry.

Key Actives:

Coconut, Castor and Meadowform Oils — Saponified oils create a creamy and slippery cushion of lather
Vegetable Glycerin –Naturally hydrates and softens the skin
African Shea Butter & Avocado Oil (Superfats) — natural healing properties provide intense moisture, promote cell renewal , protects against harmful UV rays and provides anti-aging benefits

Note: Elvado’s Proprietary Fragrance Blends are listed as Fragrance ( Parfum 100% Natural). Elvado products are Free of any Synthetic or Artificial Fragrances. You have our assurance that all of our Fragrance Blends are made using Premium Essential Oils and Resins.