Henri Et Victoria - Fall's Lumberjack - Shaving Soap 4oz

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This shaving soap smells like a Canadian wood forest with cedar trees and pine.  For the Fall special edition it has a hint of wintergreen.  It is a masculine,  woodsy scent that will make you feel like you are standing in a forest during your shave. 


Thick and dense lather will greet you in abundance.  Extremely easy to lather up a cloud, and the denseness will help protect your skin by cushioning when applying the blade.  The lather also contains a humectant such as glycerine to prevent the soap from drying your skin.  


The shaving soap is in a travel tub with a very large opening to facilitate loading your shaving brush.  The soap is a soft soap, sometimes referred to as a croap.  While not hard it will last for many shaving sessions.


Potassium Stearate, Potassium Cocoate, Water, Glycerine, Potassium Ricenoalete, Parfum.